Working with colour and glass is the ultimate rewarding challenge whether it is a jewellery piece or a lattice plate. All of my work is an original individual design.

With a formal training in graphic art and oil painting some 20 years ago and with a sharp eye for detail and colour finish formalisation it has enabled me to move forward and continue my passion of working with glass as a medium. All of my jewellery pieces carry my distinctive colour placement technique.

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A huge highlight for me was an invitation to visit the United States of America in August 2013. I personally met the people responsible for the adaption from the NASA invention of dichroic glass turning it into a medium suitable for artistic ventures.

I also met and was given the opportunity to work alongside world renowned glass artist Tim Lazer whose work is only sold in galleries and museums throughout America and Europe. I was very fortunate to be given exclusive rights to sell Tim’s work in Australia.

As of 30th October 2016, l closed my showroom in Gallery Walk to enable me to relocate my jewellery design business to Melbourne.  It was a pleasure to go to work and be surrounded by exquisite and beautiful glass works from many parts of the world and local commercial glass artist Ken Bartlett.

The Making Of The Scarecrow

The Making Of The Scarecrow Image 1
The Making Of The Scarecrow Image 2

Jenny in her workshop making the 170cm tall, 60 plus kilo MOSAIC SCARECROW which was a permanent Gallery Walk attraction and a perfect photo stop opportunity.  Every piece of glass was cut by hand, paying particular attention to details such as the petals on the flowers or the detail on the butterfly wings before being fired in a kiln and then repositioned and mounted on toughened double sided hand crafted glass. We were situated at the TOP end of Gallery Walk opposite CASTLE GLEN LIQUEURS until 30th October, 2016.  The showroom was closed so I could relocate my design and making of jewellery to Melbourne.  I can be contacted or visit my ONLINE store and buy from me online visit
The scarecrow now has a new home – Jenny donated him to a local community kindergarten on Tamborine Mountain.