Textured Pendants

There’s a never ending choice for you with my textured pendant range, albeit with size, shape or colour. After 12 years of creating or I should say ‘playing”’with Dichroic glass, my passion is still as strong as ever and I’m always fascinated and excited to see the final reaction of my design after my firing process, where I see the piece is lying on the kiln shelf in all its glory, ready for me to finish the final stages.

Blue Textured

Blue Textured Pendant-LP301-Launceston

Green Textured

Green Textured Pendant-TP303

Purple Textured

Purple Textured Pendant-TP601

Rainbow Textured

Rainbow Textured Chapter Image

Silver Textured

Silver Textured Chapter Image

Warm Textured

Warm Textured Pendant-SP137