Textured Cufflinks

No two pieces can ever be created the same with the characteristics of the Dichroic glass being altered due to the firing process. I still get excited to see the the final outcome on my kiln shelf and hope that my creating your unique pair of cufflinks will give you as much joy wearing them as it does for me handcrafting them!

Blue Textured

Blue Textured Cufflinks-CL417 Rsb-Strx

Green Textured

Green Textured Cufflinks-CL305 FlorCC Framed

Purple Textured

Purple Textured Cufflinks-CL602 Cell

Rainbow Textured

Rainbow Textured Cufflinks-CL501 Sqs

Silver Textured

Silver Textured Cufflinks-CL202 BB

Warm Textured