Rainbow Signature Pendant – SPX504 Gallery

Rainbow Signature Pendant – SPX504 Gallery


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This signature pendant has been created applying my distinctive colour placement technique. Using my rainbow colour palette, I’ve hand-cut incredibly 31 pieces of Dichroic glass, then after my firing process the characteristics of the glass come into play. There’s organic tactile textures in hues of fuchsia with tinges of green/blue and yellow lines that also reflects green/yellow/pink, a fusion of gold/pink with blue/green lines that also reflects yellow/pink with blue lines, a tactile course crinkle gold, a fine crinkle in wheat yellow that also reflects green, fine crinkle in light aqua and purple/fuchsia, a floral texture in yellow/green with tinges of pink, an organic silver with blue highlights, a rainbow pattern, a extra layer with a clear limited edition silver pattern, and accents of smooth turquoise to give depth to the glass. Simply stunning!

Capturing the true lustre of my glasswork through the camera lens – simply does not do it justice. It’s only when you physically see it, you notice the beautiful colours shining through.

My ‘Signature’ pendant is the most popular wearable art design piece in my jewellery collection. Creating the ‘Signature’ pendant is very time consuming to put together, but the pure joy of seeing the amazing hue of colours in the final outcome of the Dichroic glass, once kiln fired, is well worth my effort.

Size : 83 x 53mm (approx)

1 in stock

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The Signature pendant is presented in a gift box including a black neoprene necklace.

Care Instructions:

  • Avoid dropping your jewellery onto a hard surface.
  • Avoid wearing in a pool, spa or salt water.
  • Occasionally wipe with a soft cloth.


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