Etched Pendants

The origin of my etched artwork began for a special friend, who is no longer with us. Now, 12 years on, my etched pendant designs include ‘The Tree of Life’  ‘The Tree of Balance’  ‘Bonsai Tree’  ‘Dragonflies’  ‘Cats’  ‘Paws’  ‘Music Symbols’ and ‘Ohm’  Symbol. All but my etched ‘Tree of Life’ which has a smooth finish, are framed with glass to enhance the design and the beautiful hue of colours in the fired Dichroic glass. A truly unique, Australian made piece of jewellery to add to your collection or give as a gift.

Blue Etched

Blue Etched Pendant-EP454 Tree

Green Etched

Green Etched Chapter Image

Purple Etched

Purple Etched Chapter Image

Rainbow Etched

Rainbow Etched Chapter Image

Silver Etched

Silver Etched Pendant-EP202 Ohm

Warm Etched

Warm Etched Chapter Image